Municipal Aggregation

Frequently Asked Questions


Who will bill me for my electricity? Will I receive two bills?

You’ll continue to receive one monthly bill from your local utility. That’ll include a line item for the Dynegy supply charge, and the delivery service charge from your utility.

Yes, how you pay your bill will not change.

If your local utility is Duke Energy, ComEd or Ameren, you can stay on budget billing. If you’re a customer of AEP, DP&L or First Energy, Dynegy’s charges are not included in the budget billing amount.

Contact your local utility for power outages and service problems. They’ll continue to respond around-the-clock- to outages, service calls and emergencies regardless of your electric supplier.


Residential or small business customers located in a participating community may enroll. Customers enrolled in PIPP (Percentage of Income Plan) are not eligible for the program.

It’s simple and automatic. Residents voted to allow the community to take advantage of this program. Dynegy will send you a letter notifying you of the aggregation opportunity. Unless you opt-out, all eligible customer accounts within your community boundaries will be enrolled. If you’re new to the community or are currently receiving service from a retail provider, just contact us to enroll– we’re here to help.

If you don’t want to become a part of the program, simply return the opt-out card or contact us by the deadline date identified in your letter and your account will remain with your local utility.

If you decide the program isn’t for you, contact us and we’ll switch you back to your local utility.



Visit the communities we serve page to find the applicable rates, contract length, and terms & conditions for your municipality or county.


It’s an opportunity for cities, townships and counties to negotiate a competitive electricity rate from retail electric suppliers, providing budget stability for their residents and small businesses. When suppliers compete for your business, you end up paying less for electricity and get more choice in contract lengths and other benefits that better fit your lifestyle.

Your community implemented a formal process where proposals from multiple competitive electric suppliers were submitted for price consideration. Dynegy was selected as the preferred electric supplier.

Additional resources and a list of communities we serve can be found on the Municipal Aggregation or contact us pages. You can also contact your municipality or county for information related to the referendum and the aggregation program.