Richard Kuersteiner

Director since 2012

  • Franklin Templeton Investments-Associate General Counsel; Director of Restructuring; Managing Corporate Counsel
  • Dex Media, Inc.-Board Director

Mr. Kuersteiner has a broad background in corporate governance and complex restructuring transactions and has been a long standing member of the Stanford Institutional Investors Forum. He has employed his more than 40 years of legal experience by facilitating the restructuring of over 100 major corporations and has served on, or chaired, numerous official creditors’ committees, which provides the Board with a unique analytical view from the perspective of a large institutional investor. He leads the Board’s corporate governance review and oversight processes and serves as our Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee chair.

Mr. Kuersteiner was a member of the Franklin Templeton Investments legal department in San Mateo, California from 1990 until May 2012. At Franklin he served in various capacities including as Associate General Counsel and Director of Restructuring and Managing Corporate Counsel. For many years he also was an officer of virtually all of the Franklin, Templeton and Mutual Series funds. In February 2010 when R H Donnelley Corporation emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy as Dex One Corporation, he joined its board of directors. On April 30, 2013, Dex One Corporation merged with Super Media, creating Dex Media, Inc. Mr. Kuersteiner stepped down as a director of Dex Media, Inc. upon completion of his term in May 2014.