We are proud to have been chosen as your community's retail electric supplier. Upon switching, customers will be charged the electric supply rate indicated in the table below labeled (Somerville Local Green - 5% Green). If you'd like to switch to the other options, click here to enroll.

Somerville Local Green - 5% Green

10.538¢ per kWh

Term Jul. 2017 - Feb. 2020

Somerville 100% Local Green

13.198¢ per kWh

Term Jun. 2017 - Feb. 2020

Somerville Basic

10.398¢ per kWh

Term Jul. 2017 - Feb. 2020

Customers can compare the new Dynegy electric supply rate to the applicable utility rate by checking the Massachusetts Department of Utilities website.  Here you will see the price of the default utility as well as other electric supply companies. Please note that the utility's delivery service charges, taxes and other fees are not included in the Dynegy price.

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