Meeting Your Sustainability and Savings Goals

Global investment in energy efficiencies topped $236B in 2016 as both businesses and individuals vowed to meet international agreements and pledges to reduce energy consumption. 

Whether your organization is following a 10-, 20- or 30-year plan with specific objectives, whether you're just starting to explore green alternatives or whether you simply want to improve your bottom line, choosing a reliable energy provider should be your starting point. 

Consider these questions.

Does my provider offer options that match my sustainability objectives?

You have specific efficiency goals: annual reductions in energy consumption, target investments in renewables or similar strategies. Your energy provider should be in lockstep with your plans for future investments and upgrades. Look for a partner who offers a wide range of energy efficiencies and can design a plan that meets all your unique needs. 

Does my provider offer incentives for green projects?

Dynegy provides rebates to fund efficiency projects for businesses that provide long-term savings. Initiatives like LED light installation, HVAC upgrades and energy audits, can be covered by these incentives at no additional cost to your commodity agreement, helping you meet sustainability goals while delivering long-term savings. 

Am I protected from market volatility?
Energy prices rise and fall like any other commodity, which can make your energy budget unpredictable if you sign up for a plan at a variable rate. A provider who offers price protection can shield you from unpredictable energy prices and help you control costs. 

Does choice really matter when it comes to my energy?

Choice in the market means your business can have its pick of attractive rates and renewable offerings, which can help you meet efficiency goals and budget more accurately. 

Over time, millions of customers throughout Illinois, Ohio, and Pennsylvania have trusted Dynegy to offer competitively priced energy plans and renewable options. A central part of Dynegy's mission is to support programs and partnerships that help local communities thrive. Contact them about a plan for your business today.