Village of Ashley

We are happy to announce that the Village of Ashley has partnered with Dynegy, a Cincinnati based certified electric supplier, to provide you a special offer or to save on your electric bill.  

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Traditional Price

5.79¢ per kWh

Term Nov. 2016 - Dec. 2019

Is this a good deal? 

Review your monthly bill and find a section on the first page ‘”PRICE TO COMPARE.” This is the price AEP is charging and the price you’ll want to beat.  Notice too, our rate is less than AEP’s.  Local utilities’ rates fluctuate, but with Dynegy, our rate will remain the same for the length of the contract.

If you’re already with another supplier, you will find the rate they’re charging in the section about electric supplier charges.  Your bill will also include a phone number for your supplier if you need to reach out to confirm your rate and/or termination fees.  

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