Board Committees

Dynegy's committee structure and membership information is listed below.

Chaired by J.R. Sult, the Audit Committee assists the Board of Directors in its oversight of the integrity of our financial statements, our compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, our independent auditors' qualifications and independence and the performance of our internal audit function and the independent auditors.

  Audit Committee Charter

Audit Committee Members

  • J.R. Sult, Chair

  • Hilary Ackermann

  • Paul Barbas

  • Pat Wood, Ex-officio member

Chaired by Paul Barbas, the Compensation and Human Resources Committee is responsible for reviewing and approving corporate goals and objectives relevant to compensation of the CEO and other related matters, making recommendations to the board regarding non-CEO compensation and incentive plans and providing an annual compensation report. The committee also establishes our overall compensation strategy and reviews executive development and executive succession plans. 

  Compensation and Human Resources Committee Charter

Compensation and Human Resources Committee Members

  • Paul Barbas, Chair

  • Richard Kuersteiner

  • Jeffrey Stein

  • Pat Wood, Ex-officio member

Chaired by Richard Kuersteiner, the Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee is responsible for identifying director nominees, director compensation, developing and reviewing our Corporate Governance Guidelines, succession planning and evaluating the board and management.

  Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee Charter

Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee Members

  • Richard Kuersteiner, Chair

  • Jeffrey Stein

  • Pat Wood

Chaired by Hilary Ackermann, the Finance and Commercial Oversight Committee is responsible for overseeing Dynegy’s capital structure and management’s process for identifying, evaluating and mitigating financial and commercial-related risks. 

  Finance and Commercial Oversight Committee Charter

Finance & Commercial Oversight Members

  • Hilary Ackermann, Chair

  • Tyler Reeder

  • Jeffrey Stein

  • J.R. Sult

  • Pat Wood, Ex-officio member